Bleu Forêt 4503 velvet soft semi opaque 30d pantyhose

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These semi-opaque, French manufactured, 30D tights, are made from a resilient, microfiber fabric. Their semi-opaque finish give a warm feeling while guaranteeing a certain elegance. These semi-opaque, 30D tights have no demarcations, they subtly dress your legs. They have a soft waistband which does not mark the waist, for optimal day to day comfort. They also have flat seams, reinforced toes and a gusset, to make them more comfortable and resilient. Manufactured at our factory in Vosges, the semi-opaque, 30D tights are softened with argan oil giving your legs a soft, warm feeling.


80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

Product 4503


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